Finished Quilt

Finished Quilt

I was going to write a full blog post today about quilting for young children, and the challenge of meeting their expectations when they have not yet figured out that Mommy is not perfect. However, my five year old has the day off from school. Everyone else still has to leave, meaning it’s just us. So, when your baby asks for a Mommy and Lily day, visiting the market, watching a movie and eating popcorn, sometimes you have to leave the virtual world and enter the real world.

Instead, here is a small tale of the quilt made for her upcoming birthday. This quilt was designed by my five year old daughter, using a book of quilt patterns. The colors were changed to suit her likes, the hand stitching is no where as nice as the book’s was, and I’m pretty sure the duck is not happy about his placement on the quilt near the dog’s rear end. However, I know my daughter, and I anticipate a squeal as she hugs the blanket and says she loves it. Why? Because her Mommy made it for her, and life really is that simple when you are five.


2 thoughts on “Finished Quilt

    • Thank you! I’m hoping to work on my photography for the next picture I use. I always feel like quilt pictures should be taken on a beautiful, sunny day as the quilt hangs on a clothesline with a gentle breeze. My couch on a cold winter day is not quite the same.

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