True Love

True Love

Looking at this picture it is probably easy to miss the significance. In fact, most people looking would not have a clue what they are seeing. To the untrained eye, this is a photo of three stacks of fabric squares, in gray and black, taken by a not overly skilled photographer. This is of course all true. But there is much more to the tale than these simple facts.

The truth is, I make a lot of quilts now that I stay home. It is something I can work on during the day to keep myself out of trouble. I love the process of the quilt; sketching out something to put together, browsing on Pinterest for new ideas, finding the perfect fabric, piecing it together, making the tiny stitches. I love working with the bright and cheerful colors. Sometimes it’s the fabric I find first, a piece of something I know I need to have but I don’t know what I will do with. Other times the pattern comes first and I search for the perfect fabric to make my creation come to life. I love the process almost as much as I love the finished product. There is equal satisfaction is giving a quilt away as a gift as there is in cuddling up on the couch in my newest creation with a good book and a cup of tea. Most of my truly illuminating thoughts have happened either in front of the sewing machine or under a finished quilt.

The tale of these squares began about six months ago when my daughters each asked me to design them a quilt, just for them. They both knew what they wanted, and together we came up with the designs. One was finished a month ago for my daughter’s twelfth birthday; the other was finished last week and posted to this blog for my daughter’s upcoming sixth birthday.

While we were designing these quilts I was considering making one for my husband as well. I had a few ideas; my husband is a bit of a geek and there are many 8 bit quilt designs I have seen that I felt would suit him. Bright, colorful, geeky quilts. He happened to come home from work one day as we were finishing a design and asked why I wasn’t making him one. Thinking myself to be clever, I asked him what he would want. Stupidly I promised to design whatever he asked for. I never thought he would have an answer. I thought he would leave it up to me. But no, he answered instantly. He wanted Darth Vader. So now I am bound to produce a Darth Vader quilt for my husband. Dark, colorless, Darth Vader.

What you are looking at is not just a few quilt squares. That is 900 fabric squares, each one a three by three inch gray and black testament to my devotion. That is True Love.


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