How to Write a Blog for Beginners

When I want to start doing something, I try to make certain I am going to do it right.  Sometimes that means trial and error, but mostly it means research.  When I devoted myself to writing, I read many articles discussing writing technique.  I read books of many different styles, from many different eras and genres.  I took as much information in as possible.

When starting this blog, I tried to work in a similar manner.  I read the advice of other bloggers, and took note of what people did in other blogs.  Now that I am three weeks into having my own blog, with readers reaching into the double digits, I feel like I should share some of the wisdom I have found for others who are also wanting to start their own blog.  Of course I am still shifting through, and establishing my own style, but this is some of the information I have compiled from various sources, a simple how to create a great blog for beginners.

1) Have a strong focus.
This is one of the most frequent tips I have read.  Giving your blog a focus will help you know what to write about, and will tell your readers what they are in for.  Readers looking at your blog will always know what to expect if you have a strong focus. If your blog is about sewing, will know they are only getting sewing information.  If your blog is about motorcycles, readers can trust they will not hear anything about sewing.  If you have many focuses, you can always create more than one blog.

2) Don’t be afraid to branch out.
But what of you are a motorcycle riding seamstress?  Should you write about both?  Why not, there are probably more of you out there.  If you know about more than one topic, it’s alright to cover them.  Writing about what you know shouldn’t only mean the one topic you know best.  Multiple blogs take a lot of time, and splitting your focus might mean you never have the time to build even one quality blog.

3) Teach people something.
Since you are writing about what you know, you can teach others.  People will be coming to you because you share a love of the same topic.  It is your job to share everything you can.  If you consistently post lessons, others will soon know as much as you and be able to pursue their passions as well.

4) Don’t make all of your posts tutorials.
You are teaching, but there are only so many lessons you can put on your blog before you run out of things to teach.  If you post a new lesson everyday, you will run out of posts.  If you teach too much, your readers will outgrow you quickly.

5) Write about some thing you are passionate about.
If you are passionate about what you are saying, you will always have something interesting to say.  People may not always like what you say, but if you are speaking from your heart they will still hear you.  Maybe you can bring a few people around, or maybe you’ll just make a few people angry.  Either way, you have accomplished something.

6) Don’t get too preachy.
Speak with conviction, but don’t shove it down their throats.  If you get too preachy, you will lose your audience.  As you are trying to build your blog it is very important not to alienate readers.  Try to stick to a middle ground and keep an open mind to other opinions.

It didn’t take too much research for me to realize no one seems to know what they are talking about.  Many of the obvious tips have been overlooked, such as proofread your work and avoid repetitive writing, and the other tips contradict each other.  In the end, I only found one tip I felt was worth listening to.

7) Write whatever makes you happy. 
It really doesn’t matter what you do. No one can tell you who to be unless you let them.  The same goes for your blog.  Be who you are, write what you want and other people like you will find you.


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