My Creation

I like to share things I have made with other people.  There is a certain joy in showing off what you can do that brings me back to childhood.  I remember too clearly the constant calls of, “Look what I did Mama!  Mama, LOOK!”  I may no longer have my Mama sitting there watching as I do a handstand, or gushing over every painting, but I still want someone to see what I have done.  Instead, I post pictures of things I do online and seek the approval of absolute strangers (well strangers and my Mama). 

While most of the creative work I do involves either writing or sewing, I do occasionally work with other mediums.  This project was a simple fix to an object I no longer used, to turn it into something I would use again. 



This is a Melissa and Doug magnetic chore chart with white board.  I bought it somewhere (I think a bookstore) around 6 or 7 years ago to use with my older daughter.  Before this last move, it had a nice collection of bar magnets with different chores printed on them, and smiley faces to place where the chore has been completed.  It was great at first, but now, with two girls who do the same chores everyday, and more than half of the magnets gone, it has lost it’s usefulness.  It is however still a magnetic white board, so there is potential.  Using a little spray paint, I made this instead.


It was a simple enough fix.  I taped down the outsides, and painted the top with chalkboard paint, then covered the middle and painted the outsides a pretty pale blue.  Unfortunately chalkboard paint peals off of the laminate, so I had to redo the top after the little mistake, but it still worked out.  It took about an hour after hanging it up for my six year old to commandeer it for her own use, but as you can see I am still trying to maintain the illusion of control by using it to leave notes.  Either way, what was previously a forgotten item is now experiencing new life.  I haven’t done anything with the magnets yet.  I have considered chalkboard paint for those also, but I might decide to modge podge them with scrapbook paper or glitter.  Who knows?  I’m not rushing to use them yet, so I might let them sit for a while until I need them.  Maybe the perfect project will come along.


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