My Broken Valentine

I was planning on a nice post today, talking about the gift I made for my husband for Valentine’s Day, but things went a little weird. 

First, my twelve year old daughter had the day off from school.  Just as I was getting ready to start writing she came downstairs and decided to join me for a nice long walk.  After an hour and a half of walking and talking about the potential benefits of growing your own zombies before a zombie apocalypse and training them to protect you, we returned home to get on with our day.  It was a wonderful time to spend together, relaxing and talking. 

Then, after we came back, I again sat down to write this blog post.  Instead I received a call from my six year old daughter’s school.  After recess, she was running back to get in line, tripped and fell.  She cried at first, but insisted she was fine to go back to class.  Shortly after returning to class, she bumped her wrist and started crying.  When the school nurse inspected her again, her arm had begun swelling and wasn’t looking right.  After a quick three hour trip to the emergency room, we learned my little monster now has a minor break.  It was a little difficult to understand as I don’t speak Dutch, but it is nice and clean somewhere between a break and a fracture. 

Now, as I sit to write this blog post for the third time, I am slightly afraid of what will happen.  I suppose before anything else goes wrong, I should share my creation, just in case.

Here is the Darth Vader quilt I made for my husband.  You may recognize the 891 squares of 2×2 inch black and gray fabric from a previous post.  The picture is not great, as it was too big to get on top of, but I think the design can be seen.  There was no real pattern used, just some graph paper, color pencils, and several pictures of Darth Vader from pintrest to graph from.  I hope everyone else out there had an easy, lovely day!



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