Five Things that Should Have Lived Longer on Television

I love to read.  Reading is something I do everyday with an obsessiveness that some may consider unhealthy.  It is not uncommon for me to finish a novel in a day, and I very rarely go anywhere without something to read, just in case I need it.  I will read just about anything, and if I hear that a movie or television show was a book first, I will wait to watch it until I read the book (Game of Thrones, I am talking to you.  I will get to your books eventually).  For me reading isn’t about books vs. ereaders, well know authors vs. newbies, or genre vs. genre.  For me it is all about good writing, and good stories.  If the words pull me in, and the story is engaging, I am there. 

Well done stories are not limited to books, and sometimes, I don’t want to read.  When I am sitting at my sewing machine, I almost always have a television show going in the background.  I know some people use this time to listen to audiobooks, but in truth I am just not much of an audiobook person.  If I am working on something else, I don’t want to be distracted by fluttery descriptions of the scenery or of people’s feelings.  I want to glance at the screen for a moment and see that is it dark and spooky, or hear the voice telling me the person is afraid.  I want the story, but I don’t want all of my focus taken away as it would if I were reading. 

I know I could use this time to watch some movies, but in truth that takes too much thought.  I want to focus on a project, not worry about what movie to pick, or if I have time to watch another movie.  I don’t want to spend my time getting invested in new characters when I am already invested in a project.  Picking a television show to watch can give me hours of entertainment without having to think about what to watch next, all broken down into short workable increments.  It’s like picking a new book to read right before bed; I have sleeping to do, I don’t want to be distracted by getting to know new people or a new plot.  Watching a new, or repeated, episode of a television show I don’t have to worry about figuring out who everyone is or what they are doing, I can just dive right into what I already know.

With that all being said, here are five of the shows I wish had made more episodes.  I don’t think I am giving away major spoilers with this, but as all of these shows are over, I don’t feel as though I need to be too cautious either.  If you haven’t seen any of them, there may be something revealed you don’t want to know in advance.  What has been read cannot be unread, so proceed with caution.


1) Firefly
This show is a given when discussing shows that should have lived longer.  It is first on the list partly to get it out of the way.  It cannot be left out, but there is little to say on the subject.  The pain of losing this show broke the fans heart severely enough they can’t leave it alone.  We have now gone beyond flogging a dead horse.  The poor horse has been buried, and it’s great great grandchildren are frolicking in the field where it used to graze, yet the browncoats keep beating it.  It’s not that we think it’s coming back.  We got our movie, the actors have moved on to further successes, many of them having several fantastic projects.  We know it is over.  Okay, most of us know it is over.  But there are two reasons we can’t let it go.  First off, Firefly is the one who got away.  This is the beautiful relationship that could have been.  We know what could have happened, and how perfect we could have been together.  Instead, it slipped through our fingers, and we are left, drinking our wine with Ben and Jerry, crying over everything we could have had.  Secondly, and more than any other reason, we can’t let it go because as soon as we do, Fox wins.  Keeping the outrage going for over a decade shows them they can’t judge a show too harshly or too quickly.  The fans never forget, and they will never let them forget either.  The obsession this show still demands shows the power of the fans, and hopefully if makes producers think twice before cutting projects and running.

2) Veronica Mars
I loved so much about this show.  The fun characters, the damaged people, the pain and the mystery.  Admittedly, there were parts that faltered a bit, but they worked through some large obstacles.  Having the initial mystery go over the first season, bringing in new cases in the second season, sending the characters to college.  There were many issues to work through, and with what they had, they did well.  Obviously I am not the only one who missed it as the fans demanded a movie and made it happen.  There is only one reason I need this show back.  Logan Echolls, the poor little orphaned rich boy, abused, damaged, and vulnerable and desperately seeking love.  I loved him with Veronica.  She gave him love and hope like no one else did, and it was kind of beautiful in a slightly messed up way.  I wanted to see them have another chance, a real chance.  I plan to see the movie at some point, and there is only one thing I need from the experience.  I want them to have a moment, some element of real closure on their relationship.  Get together or say goodbye properly. 

3) Stargate SG1
I know I might lose people on this one a little.  This was a great science fiction show, and it lasted for ten seasons.  Ten seasons is hardly ending too soon.  However the first eight seasons were focused on aliens known as Goa’uld posing as Gods in our galaxy.  The good guys worked hard to fight against them, and come to some understanding that would leave the humans alive.  Then, two seasons from the end, they found a new race of people, the Ori, more powerful and naturally more deadly.  After all these seasons devoted to the first enemy, I felt this new turn didn’t get the chance it could have had.  I almost wish they had switched over earlier, brought this new foe out several seasons earlier so we could have had more time together.  There was such potential for the Ori, but at that point the show had run it’s course.  It was sad to see them breathe new life into a show, only to decide it was better to let go.

4) Pushing  Daisies
This show was slightly murdered by a writers strike after the first season.  With a man who could bring people back from the dead with a touch, but only if he never touched them again, his dead girlfriend, the detective who helps to solve murders, and a large range of quirky cases, it was a unusual combination of crime, drama and fantasy.  In spite of the grisly basis of the story, it told like a fairy tale.  There was a large element of innocence in the bright colors and lovers who could not touch. With only two seasons it could have been so much more, but it was beautiful while it lasted.

5) Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23
This is the most recent cancelation on this list, but it is no less sad than the others.  Two short seasons of the unlikely pairing of sweet, conservative June, and wild, ridiculous Chloe, living together in New York worked in such an odd way for me.  I don’t think I was ever as positive or sweet as June, but I am even farther from being as promiscuous or perpetually drunk as Chloe.  Chloe is a character who should be hated.  She does horrible things, and is constantly behaving in a way that is beyond selfish.  Somehow she was still likeable.  There was a charm to the character however, something that made you like her anyways.  Chloe and June needed each other; June made Chloe behave slightly better, and Chloe helped June to develop a backbone instead of being too sweet all the time.  They could have been something amazing, but they are now gone.  I am hoping they will decide to release the 8 additional episodes I heard that they shot but did not air. It’s not the same as having the show return, but it is so something to hold onto.


Of course there are many shows that could have lasted longer, and many that should have stopped much earlier than they did.  These are just a few of the shows I wish could give me just a little more.  I need these old friends to come and visit again, just to tell me what they are up to now.  Sigh.  At least there is always reruns. 


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