Nothing ever truly comes from thin air. Before creation comes inspiration. Sometimes it is a person, a place, a color, or a word. Once that inspiration comes, creation becomes much easier. When finding the right words seems impossible, it is nice to remember, my novel will be using the exact same 26 pieces as every other book out there. All I need to do, is find the right combination.

(As a small side note, this is not my picture, it is borrowed from pintrest. However, if you ever get a chance to visit the library pictured here, Trinity College Library in Dublin, definitely go. That large room is all old books and it is amazing. The entire room smells like books, like ink, paper, dust, and knowledge. Unfortunately they are well guarded for their own protection. I considered hopping the rope, just to touch one, and get one good sniff in. Apparently, according to my husband, it would “get us kicked out” and “set a bad example for the children” and maybe even “ruin our vacation to Dublin” by my “getting arrested.” Buzz kill.)


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