Meet Lucy


This is Princess Lucille Wiggle Butt Bradford.  Lucy for short.

Lucy is a Maltese Yorkshire Terrier mix puppy, just hitting a year and a half old, and barely weighing in at seven pounds. 

Lucy is a wonderful dog.  She never judges me for wanting to have chips with lunch.  She is happy to cuddle me and watch Doctor Who when it is cold outside.  She loves to take walks, but she only wants to walk for a short time, meaning I feel less guilty when I don’t have long.  She always lets me know when people are coming to the house, barking loudly even if she is cowering in fear behind me.  She lets the girls carry her all around with her only complaint being a look to tell me it is not dignified.  She is adorably possessive and careful with her toys; she will not rip them apart completely, and she absolutely refuses to return them when we try to play fetch, growling at us to let us know how she feels about is throwing her toys.

Yes, in almost everyway, Lucy is a wonderful dog. 

Unless you are a writer. 

Lucy hates when I write.  I guess technically Lucy just hates when I sit at my desk.  It doesn’t matter what I am doing, writing, homework, shopping, sewing; if I am at my desk Lucy is behind me, whining.  And she knows I will stop to take her outside, no matter how many times I have taken her outside recently.

You see, Lucy has one major flaw in her training.  After over a year of constant training, she is still not sure about this whole potty outside issue.  Sometimes she does great, letting me know and getting things done.  Other times, she simply looks at me with her large eyes clearly saying, “You want me to do what, where?  No.  Not going to happen.”  I never know what kind of day it is going to be, but I know I do not like cleaning up puppy puddles from my floor, so outside we go. 

She thinks I haven’t noticed how often she thinks she needs to go when I am writing as compared to how many times she actually goes.  I am not fooled; I know it is a desperate bid for my attention.  Unfortunately, sometimes she actually does go outside, or in the corner when I tell her I don’t believe her.  I have no way of knowing which it will be, until she does her business.  And she knows it.

I know many people say their dogs are their greatest writing companions, but what are you supposed to do when your dog hates that you write?  It’s not the storytelling she dislikes.  Lucy is happy to talk out plot points with me.  Whenever we discuss character development, her tail wags so fast her entire backend shakes. 

But when it’s time to put the words to paper, she turns on me.  While writing this short post, I have taken her outside five times.  I don’t want to be overly dramatic, but I think if my dog could she would throw my computer out the window. 

I wanted a writers dog, one who would happily lay at my feet as I typed away, and then take a nice walk with me.  Somehow I ended up with a tantrum throwing toddler, refusing to accept that Mommy must work. 

Cards on the table?  I love Lucy.  She is an amazing friend to have.  But I can’t help thinking I was lied to when I was told dogs make great writing companions. 

I would love to write more, but right now she is insisting that I have some ‘splaining to do about my presence in front of the computer again.

Sigh.  Maybe next time I’ll try getting a good writer’s cat.  Or maybe a writer’s goldfish.


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