For a Good Cause

I interrupt my regularly scheduled blog post to bring a message.  Today should have been a “bragging about what I made” day.  I do have several projects I could share, but this is something that means a little more to me.  Today, I want to talk to you about this man.


This is my big brother, Marc.  Not a bad looking guy right?  He totally gets that from me.

Not only is he a great looking guy, he is actually an awesome human being.  Let’s break down a few of his accomplishments here.

Marc works with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, raising money and awareness through heath and fitness events, usually running related.  Since signing up with them ten years ago, Marc has completed over fifty events, including 3 Ironman races, runs ranging from a 5K to 50  miles, the Death Ride (as well as many other challenging biking events), and has escaped from Alcatraz twice.  During these ten seasons, he has raised over $30,000 for LLS. 

Awesome right?

As if that is not enough to create a feeling of little sibling inadequacy, he has also worked as a coach for LLS for seven years.  That means in addition to his own training and fundraising efforts, he helps others get moving.  He helps them to devise training plans, raise their own funds, and hangs out on race day making sure everyone makes it in.  That means on a race day, he might run or bike four times the distance of the original race, going back and forth between racers and giving them the encouragement they need. 

If you have run any races in the Greater Bay Area, you might have seen him.


Now, wouldn’t that help you finish a race?  And shockingly enough, it gets sexier.


Tell me you have that much confidence.  This is a man who knows he is awesome, and wants to spread the wealth.  Sorry to break it you, but he is taken.

Trust me though, when you see that man coming back to help you cross the finish line, it gives you the strength to keep moving.  We have lived in different countries for the last decade, but I have been lucky enough to do a couple races with him.  A year ago, a group of my siblings did the Petaluma Clo Cow Half Marathon.  Marc could have cruised through that, but we all stuck together walking and running it in to give one brother a PR, and another brother his first finished half. 

The most recent race I did with him was last September, The Baxter’s Loch Ness Marathon.  Now, frequent readers may remember I spoke of the race I did not train properly for, but was too stubborn to not run?  Yeah, that was this one.  Not only was I not trained, but I got a light twist in my ankle around mile 9.  At the start line, Marc and I agreed not to try to stick together; I didn’t want to slow him down, and he agreed to meet me part way back to cross the finish line with me.  When I started hurting, there were two things that kept me from getting on the quit bus (and they did keep asking if I wanted a ride).  First, I didn’t want my kids seeing me ride into the finish line.  No matter how much it hurt, I wanted them to see me finish.  Second, I knew Marc was going to try to meet me a few miles from the end, and I didn’t want him walking back to meet no one.  So I kept going, texting my husband mile updates as I went.  Well, as it turns out, he didn’t get a message after I told him I twisted my ankle.  They had no idea if I was still moving or if I had given up.  Marc came back anyway, adding about six extra, very hilly miles to his marathon day, just to make sure that I finished.  (And he even helped me push past a couple other people so I didn’t end up dead last.) 

He got me through that day. And he doesn’t just do that for his family.  He does that for so many people, because that is who he is.

Awesome, right?

Now, if this is not enough to impress the non-runners out there, let’s talk a little bit about everything else.  Marc, is also a published author.  He has two novels out now, The Illegal and The Tao of Me.  He has written three other novels, is working on two more, and occasionally writes for local magazines and newspapers. 

I mean, come on.  This is the person I want to be when I grow up.  If I wasn’t contractually obligated to love him through family bonds, I might be trying to plot his death right now, just to make myself feel better.

Just look at this guy.


He knows he rocks. 

So, you are probably asking yourself, what is the point of this?  Am I just bragging that my brother is better than your brother? 

Well, maybe a little.  I mean, after all, this is just one of eight siblings.  Just imagine how awesome the rest of us are. 

There is an actual reason for this posting.  Marc is currently up for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Greater Bay Area Man of the Year.  As awesome as he is, he needs a little help getting there.  Voting is done through donations; one dollar donated equals one vote for this awesome guy.  I don’t know who the competition is, but trust me, this is the guy.  I know not everyone has discretionary donation funds, but anything would help.  Send in a couple dollars to support an amazing person, or share his story with any rich friends you may have.  Every little bit helps, because even if he doesn’t win, the money goes to a great cause.  If you don’t think I’ve sold him well enough, look at his page and hear his side of the story.

I know every set of siblings are a little different.  Some of you might be assuming I am doing this out of some sort of kid sister idol worship.  I can be honest.  There is a little of that.  Marc is someone who pushes you to be who you want to be.  He is the reason I finished writing my novel, and a large driving force behind me pushing through when publishing efforts get frustrating.  There are many people who support me, but he holds me accountable.  He put me on a deadline, and makes sure I meet it.  He makes everything sound like a great idea, no matter how crazy it is.  We need to keep him busy with fundraising efforts because he might be able to talk you into letting him walk into world domination.  Trust me.  He’d suggest you put him in charge, and later you would wonder slightly why you agreed, but you still wouldn’t change your mind.

The greater reason I am campaigning for him right now is because if I help him win, in any small way, I can help cut him down to size.  Sure, he became Man of the Year, but he couldn’t have done it without me. That makes his win, my win also.  What greater joy does a sibling have than being able to rub something like that in their brother’s face?

Plus, I selected all of the pictures.  That’s right, he gets to see this with you.  That’s reward enough.

Alright, one more look.


If you or anyone you know has anything they can donate to his cause, please visit my site, and throw a few dollars his way.  He is worth it.



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