It’s been a crazy few weeks, and I’m not entirely certain I could tell you why.

I don’t have a big secret that I’m hiding.  I have more of a confluence of events happening, each of them technically small, but adding up to a slightly busy and crazy time.

I recently finished one of my classes.  Truthfully, that is not a big thing for me.  I go to school year round, with a new class every six weeks until my graduation.  This class had me slightly worried.  Normally I can coast through; 90% of my classwork involves writing papers.  Writing is what I do, so I can usually make it sound good even if I have no idea what I’m talking about.  (Please don’t tell my professors I have no idea what I am talking about.)  This one however was all over the place.  They would tell us exactly what they wanted, and then, when I gave it to them, they would say they really wanted something else.  I never knew how I would do on anything, and it is the first time I have EVER failed on a paper.  It made the entire class exhausting, and stressful and honestly made me rethink being in school.

While working on school, I was also naturally working on my writing.  I like the idea of having a higher degree, but to be honest it’s mostly a safety net to make my husband happy.  We both know fiction writing is not a guaranteed paycheck, so he feels better knowing I am still technically working on my former career.  Beyond the actual writing, there is always research, networking, and promotion to consider.  I know some people manage to write, and publish successfully as a hobby, but I’m not sure how.

We also recently celebrated a birthday as my husband turned 33 on April 1st.  Yes, he is an April Fool’s baby.  No, he never gets tired of the jokes.  Don’t worry, I’m sure there is at least one he hasn’t heard.  (Seriously, how is that sarcasm punctuation coming people?  I think we need it.)  His birthday brought two things; the need to find a gift I haven’t previously given him in the fourteen years we have been together, and the hosting of a non-birthday barbeque he wanted to have that week.

You may be surprised to hear, I am not much for hosting events in my home.  It’s more than just my introverted nature.  I think all readers and writers are at least a little introverted.  It’s more due to my honest belief that I could have lived a very happy life as a hermit.  Hermit’s United might be a little too social for me.  In addition to cleaning and organizing my house, I also worked on preparing myself mentally for the home invasion.  While it was a lot of fun, I did need some time to get ready before hand.

With all of the other things going on, my husband’s birthday gift was a little late.  I know, you will all be shocked to hear, I made him another quilt.  I swear, I know how to make other things, I just happen to like making quilts.


Not quite as large as the last quilt I made him, and a lot more fun and colorful; it may not have been a surprise, but at least he was happy.  Seeing what happens when he just lets me make him stuff without telling me what he wants, I think he will trust me to just have a little fun when he wants something made.  It’s large enough to lay under, while still being small enough to use as a lap quilt.  (Admittedly, the lap quilt is more of my thing.  I don’t think there is anything weird about having a quilt on the back of my desk chair to use when it gets a little cold.)  More than anything, he likes that it is small enough to throw into a suitcase or backpack for when he travels so he can have a little piece of home with him.

Unfortunately, my crazy busy time is not quite over, as today is my last (half) day of school before my kiddos are home for two weeks for spring break, leaving me with a lot to get done before my schedule changes.  Wish me good luck!


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