Saying Goodbye

I know it may have seemed as if I was simply talking about the month of the military child a few days ago, but I had other reasons to be pondering the ups and downs of military life.

This morning we took my husband to the airport for a training trip.  It’s nothing we haven’t done before, but it’s nothing we ever really get used to doing either.

As usual, we take him down, walk him in, and wait to leave until the last minute.  We all give hugs, and my littlest one cries a bit, wishing he didn’t have to go again.

10003069_694768973894736_2480610250754924839_n 10253740_694768687228098_5232333827829071899_n

As soon as he is gone, we keep ourselves busy for the rest of the day.  We hope that maybe this time we will stay busy enough we don’t have time to be sad, but it never works.  It does however mean I have a little less time for a long in depth blog post for the day.  Today is a day for my babies.


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