Something of Worth


Every now and then I sit at my keyboard, my mind rolling around the story, trying to find the right words to bring it to life.  Half of my words aren’t quite right, and the other half are completely wrong.  Those days I’m not writing anything worth reading.

This week has been one of those times.  Having my kids home changes my focus and concentration.  I’m no longer having hours of uninterrupted time to write.  I’m spending time with my kids, as I should be.

So today I went out to do something worth writing.  I took my daughters on a train to Antwerp, for a visit to the zoo and the aquarium.  We looked at the graffiti along the train route, which is shockingly impressive considering they are using spray paint.  We wandered through, enjoying the embarrassment of my twelve year old as she witnessed mating day in the reptile house.  We cruised through to the constant chant of “Just keep swimming” as we saw multiple Dory fish.

It was a peaceful, relaxing, and pleasant day.

I’m not sure it was technically something worth writing about, but it was the kind of day that makes it possible to return to the keyboard, refreshed, and ready to tell a story again.


4 thoughts on “Something of Worth

  1. I find it supremely ironic that I stumble across your post a day after I had a similar encounter with the phrase “just keep swimming” 😉

    I always find there is a delicate balance between writing and doing. And when you enjoy writing as much as I do, you are tempted to sit at the keyboard for hours on end and just let the musings pour out. Until there are no more.

    It is in the experiences of everyday life that our muses show themselves. It’s watching a train thunder by on the tracks, it’s in a comment made at the local pool, it’s at a conversation overheard at the deli counter. It is everywhere, if we choose to open our eye and ears to receive it.

    Great post, keep *doing* and the muse will revisit, the mind will awaken. Best wishes for an inspired day!

    • The first time I set out to write a novel, I was 19 years old. I didn’t have much in the way of life experience. What I had was an idea, a desire, and some time. It all honesty, it was a horrible effort. Now, a few (we don’t need to discuss how many) years later, I’ve seen more, done more, and learned more. I certainly wouldn’t call myself a perfect writer or storyteller, but I have the wisdom that comes with a little more living.

      Experiencing life gives you more to write about, even if for the day I feel a little bad that my writing consists of only a couple hundred words.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts! It’s always nice to know other writers go through the same moments.

    • Thank you! Sometimes it is the little moments that mean the most in life, and the little moments that are left out of writing. It’s easy to include a scene where a hero blows up a car while fighting a villain. It’s harder to include a scene that shows what the hero is fighting for.

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