Free and Clean

Ah, spring.

The sun shining in the sky, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming. The days are just a little warmer, and just a little longer. It is a time that has traditionally given hope and a sense of renewal. No longer do we live in fear of a winter that will never leave; we know there will be light and warmth again.

You feel as though you have a chance for a fresh start. Forget New Year’s, deeply embedded in the cold. Spring is when I begin to feel alive again.

Unfortunately, spring brings with it enough light to show me what my world has become during my winter hibernation. I’m not sure what Goldilocks did while I was sleeping, but I really wish she had cleaned up after herself.

Spring cleaning has hit my house, and no one is enjoying it. Quite honestly, I have a hard time imagining how my house accumulated so much useless and unwanted crap. Some things are understandable; as children grow they no longer fit into all of the clothing they once did, and no longer enjoy the same toys. Occasionally these things need to be removed. However the copious amount of trash bags coming out of my children’s rooms leave me disgusted and deeply concerned over the fact that they have apparently been living within the city dump.

I always dread spring cleaning. Partly it is a desire to accept that my regular cleaning is good enough. Partly it is the large amount of work that goes into making certain the house is well cleaned. Mostly it is the dirty feeling I get, wondering how I could have been living with so much trash and unwanted things without noticing.

Of course, when I am done I feel better. There is more space in my house, things look better, and I feel better having donated old clothing and toys to someone that will be able to use them. It’s hard not to enjoy that feeling.

So how about you? Do you spring clean?


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