Five Things About Spring Break

I used to love spring break as a kid.  It was more exciting than winter break (since I prefer sunshine) but not quite as exciting as summer break.  Mostly, it was a chance to lounge about, reading books or having sleepovers with friends.  As soon as I was old enough to work, it was a chance to pick up a few extra hours.  Now, staying at home with my kiddos, it is a combination of time spent with them, and time trying desperately not to fall behind on my own working.

Spring break can be a magical time, when it works out for you.


1. Spring Break Trips.

As a kid, my mother was either in school or teaching at a school, meaning we had the same breaks.  We never took exotic trips, but a week at Grandma’s house, or a trip to visit my older brothers was always fun.

By the time I was old enough for a drunken spring break trip, I had a 2, almost 3 year old daughter.  (By old enough, I mean 21, the legal drinking age in America, not the legal drinking age in most of the rest of the world, or the screw this age used by most America students.)  Even if I had wanted to, there was no way I would be leaving my child in order to be drunk and vomiting on a beach somewhere.  It’s just not me.

Instead, our family has mostly used Spring break as staycation times, with maybe a few day trips thrown in.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel.  I also however, hate crowds.  Traveling to most places during spring break means fighting the massive groups of people, some not caring if they ever move, others pushing desperately to make it somewhere on time, and everyone sweaty and sticky.  No thank you, I’ll travel at another time.


2. Spring Cleaning.

When we stay at home it is easier to notice how messy a house can be.  It gets even worse when everyone is in the house, all day.  As much as the kids hate it, an occasional deep cleaning of the house is necessary.


3. Spring Reading.

I am a proud book nerd, always have been.  Spring break usually brings a lovely change from the normal school required reading list.  Sure, there might be something I needed to catch up on, but, usually it was a week of reading whatever I wanted.  When that reading could be done outside in the sunshine, all the better.


4. Spring Cooking

There is something about the slightly warmer weather that makes you want to eat differently.  The warm soups are no longer satisfying and begin to make you feel heavy.  Instead you long for fresh fruits, vegetables, cold drinks, and maybe a little ice cream.  Spring break is a great time to hit the markets, buy the fresh food, and enjoy the light feeling of summer and sunshine a little early.


5. Spring Renewal

There is a reason we love spring.  It’s not just because we are tired of the cold of winter.  It’s not just because we want an excuse to take a vacation and relax.  It is the hope spring brings to us.  So many people make new years resolutions, and break them shortly after.  Spring is a chance to start again.  The plants and animals are waking up, showing us how to get new life after the cold and depressing winter.  The world is new again, and we can be too.


Spring break has been a delicate balance this year.  I know I spent more time on what the kids wanted, and not enough on my work or even on house cleaning.  As our two weeks draws to a close, I am a little sad to send the kids back, dreading the week of playing catch up, but looking forward to not just getting back to normal, but getting back to somewhere great.


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