Back to Step One

Occasionally I speak about my past as a slow, slow, so very slow, distance runner.  I am not now, nor have a ever been a serious competitor.  See the over weight runner at the back of the pack, barely making it in before the time limit and pushing with all they have to get there?  I’m right behind them.

Don’t get me wrong,  I always make it in.  I’ve had the occasional race where it is a strong possibility of a Did Not Finish is following me the entire way.  I’ve even had several races where I should have probably stayed home, but I was not intelligent enough to do the smart thing.  No matter the challenge or the pain, I have always pushed through to the end.

At least, I used to.  I’ve told you the story of my horrible marathon in September.  The lack of training, the slight ankle twist nine miles in, the limping to the finish line with only a couple of people behind me.  While the race was beautiful and well done, I did not do as well as I had planned when I first started training.  Since then I have been pushing to get anywhere close to where I used to be, and failing horribly.  Let’s just be honest, at this point I would be happy to be back to the pitiful girl who crossed that finish line; at least she did it.  Now, I barely complete a mile on some days.

I finally decided it was time to admit I needed to step back.  I can’t train like the person who has run all those races.  A person can lose fitness with just a few weeks off from training.  I took six months.  My body might technically be the same one that crossed all those finish lines, but it no longer moves that way.

So, I decided to take it back to step one.  Instead of heading out of my house and just running like I used to, I’m back on a beginners training program.  I dusted off the old Couch to 5k running app, which will time my run/walk intervals for me as I slowly move towards more running again.  I started this program the first time almost 6 years ago.  After the first completion of the program, I deleted it from my ipod and moved on thinking I would never need it again.

It’s a little depressing to realize I am returning to step one.  No one wants to think they have been knocked down that far.  I’m trying to think of it in a positive light.  I’ve done it once, I can do it again.

With my step one, I’m taking it a little farther.  I suck at nutrition and weight training.  It takes so much more work than just lacing up and running out the door.  But my running, and well, my health need me to focus.  A friend turned me onto a new program, Tone It Up.  They are starting their Bikini Series this week, putting out workout programs, and motivation tips daily to keep you moving and get people bikini ready by the first day of summer.  Let’s be honest people, no matter how well I stick to this, no one will want to see me in a bikini in 8 weeks, but if I am never strangled by my athletic apparel again I will count it as a win.

Wish me luck!


Quick disclaimer.  Tone It Up is not paying me to mention them.  I’m 99.99% certain they have no idea who I am and may never know.  While they might be responsible for me getting back in shape, I won’t blame them if I don’t get where I want to be either.  Anyone who chooses a workout program should remember I am not a doctor, and they need to consult their own physician before they choose a program. 

I also apologize if I have broken any delusions that I am in fact a tall, willowy, super model.  Feel free to pretend the picture is of someone else.  I do it occasionally too.


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