Five Things About My Weekend

I’m torn today. I have limited time to write a post. I don’t want to leave the blog blank, because I hate when Bloggers just ignore their posts because they have other things to do. I know other things are important, but us readers miss you when you are gone.
Of course, I don’t want to put a substandard post simply to fill space. That is insulting to the people who give me their time to read the things I write. You read my rambling nonsense as well as listen to my fears and deep thoughts (okay, sometimes they are about as deep as a puddles, but it’s all in your perspective). To give you a post that is incredibly poorly written is bad form.

I have decided to compromise. I will write a mediumly well written post telling all about why I am too busy to write more. Is that still rude?

1)I spent Saturday babysitting.

I don’t normally do any babysitting. In spite of the fact that I used to be a preschool teacher, I haven’t done babysitting since high school. However when a friend of mine’s husband wants to take her to a concert an hour away for her birthday, and realizes he needs someone to watch their daughter overnight, a daughter who happens to be best friends with my younger daughter, how can I refuse? My daughter got to have a fun sleepover, and I was able to help out a friend, win-win.
Unfortunately, when you spend hours chatting as the parents come to pick up instead of finishing a paper for school, it can make your weekend slowly disappear without you noticing as you rush to make up the homework time.

2)I feel like Mulan.

Yesterday morning, my daughters, the friend, and I went out into my large backyard to shoot arrows. They are the nice dull ones for practice, and I usually keep it short intentionally. This time they asked me to start by shooting one long shot. I complied, but accidently shot my arrow into a group of large pine trees. I keep hearing the training line from Mulan, “Retrieve the arrow.” Unfortunately, I can’t see it to know which tree it is in, and I am 90% sure most of them do not have strong enough branches to support me even if I had climbed a tree in the last 15 years.
However, I can’t stop thinking about getting my arrow back. It is becoming an obsession.

3)My daughter wants to go shopping.

Spending most of yesterday talking instead of cleaning or doing homework means I have a lot left to do today. Unfortunately, my older daughter had already asked if we could go shopping today. I could tell her no, I’m too busy. I could go shopping on any other day of the week without the kids; but I can’t have her try on pants unless she is with me. I made her a promise to attempt to get new pants, and now I can’t put it off, no matter how busy I let myself get today.
It’s not her fault I couldn’t shut up yesterday.

4)I’m doing laundry at home!

Yes, my washer was finally fixed. After two months of debating the problem, the military finally gave me a new one. I wish they had done that a while ago, but I will take what I can get.

5)I want a nap.

I am so busy, I feel so swamped, I just want to lie down and sleep until it is all over. On top of it all, I never sleep well when my husband isn’t here, so I haven’t had a good nights sleep in a couple weeks. I know I won’t have time, but I am dangling the prospect of a nap much like the proverbial carrot on a stick. Maybe if I move quickly I can squeeze it in, just a 20 minute power nap. I’ll even take a five minute ‘only resting my eyes.’

Well, I have to get back to it now! Tell me, how is your weekend going?


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