How to Fake It

Writing can be a thankless job when you are starting out.
Sure, it’s nice to see your name on a byline somewhere, and even nicer to know someone is actually reading what you wrote. A large part of the time you’re not certain if anyone is really out there or if you are talking to yourself.

You keep plugging along, writing what makes sense to you, or what makes you feel good.  You hope someone else feels the same.  You publish anywhere you can, and keep trying for places you can’t.  You let a few tears fall when you are turned down again before returning to your keyboard ready to write again.

Pushing through the hard times is essential for a writer.  Each story told is a small piece of our soul, cut off and placed out for the world to judge.  Ripped bare, the writer just waits for the response as the critics circle, pointing out every flaw.  They take the insults with them, and somehow find the strength to rip off another piece to take off before they do it all again.

How do they do it?  How do they always find the confidence to try again?  Simply put, they fake it.  Even when they are dying on the inside, they fake it through, hoping that this time will be different.  Here’s how.


A smile can cover a multitude of sins.  No matter how bad things get, a smile tells people you are still fighting.  You might not feel it when you start, but a smile is infectious, even to yourself.

2)Put on a Costume

There is a reason why actors often have a costume piece they wear through every performance.  It’s more than a prop, it is a connection to another person, to help them feel how they feel.  If you want to be someone else, find something that makes you connect with them.  Wear bright lipstick, throw on a piece of jewelry you never wear unless you are writing, or always wear a jaunty hat at writing events.  Find something that turns you into the person you want to be, and put it on before every performance. 

3)Make it a Good Day

Perfect days rarely happen.  Even when things are going well, there is always something that could have been better.  Don’t wait for the day to be perfect, make it happen.  Can’t focus on the writing?  Take a run and try again.  Receive a new rejection letter?  File it away and try again.  Don’t let the bad outweigh the good, take control and make things better on your own.

4) Believe

The most talented people are often the least confident.  They doubt themselves, and because of that doubt they work that much harder to make every word count.  Make your fear work for you, and then make it go away.  You can’t take it on your trip to success, it will just weigh you down.  You have to believe in yourself, even when the evidence points the other way.  There is something to be said for blind faith; it allows you to see the sun even when you are buried deep below the surface.


How do you fake it when you aren’t feeling it?


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