Sometimes living a creative life sucks.  It can be easy to let your self worth and your belief in your talent falter based on the views of others.  This is of, course the quick road to failure.  This is likely why so many of the most creative minds have been reported to be depressed or have substance abuse problems.

Doubt comes from many places.  Sometimes it is a rejection letter, sometimes it is a stunning silence, other times it is harsh words that seem to be directed from no where.  Most often it comes from within myself.  I am my worst critic, much like the rest of the world.

I know the technical truth; no one will believe in me if I don’t believe in myself.  I have to have enough faith in my own abilities to put them out there, or nothing will ever happen.  You cannot be a successful writer if you never let anyone read your words and if you tell someone your story isn’t very good, they just might believe you.

I know all of this, and yet somehow it doesn’t matter.  Knowing something on an intellectual level, and feeling it on an emotional level are two different things.  I might know I have a great idea and I can make it work, but if I feel that I can never do it right, my doubts will win.

Today, I am trying to conquer a few of those doubts.  I can’t promise I will slay the dragon, but I know I can at least beat it back for a while.  Today, even for a short time, I will not have doubts, I will not have fear.  Today, I will be victorious, even if it is only over myself.


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