The Return of Player 2

I was happy to spend yesterday away from the computer, and instead with my husband after he returned home.  Seven weeks apart was enough.

I was also able to give him his anniversary gift, something that combined buying and making.  As I have made him a couple of blankets already, blankets he only sort of needs, I went a slightly different direction by making him pillows for the new couch I bought for him.

Image (1)

The couch is nothing special, just something from ikea.  The joy of the couch, is in placing seating in his office, which gives me a place to be if we want to hang out, but he is on his computer.  I suppose that makes it more for me than for him, but as an anniversary gift, I think it fits well.  It’s not just a couch, it is the potential to spend more time together.

The pillows were a little work, as they are 18X18 of 1 inch squares with machine embroidered lettering on the back.  That is 324 squares per pillow.  It worked up pretty fast, using a technique I learned here.  I really like how they turned out; this is probably the first time I have ever had perfectly matching corners on a pieced item like this.

I’m not sure I would use this technique for a blanket.  It looked nice, but it made for a very stiff fabric.  I think it worked well for a pillow, which has a lot of cushioning, but it didn’t seem like something that would be comfortable to cuddle into, which is something I look for in a blanket.  I can’t promise I won’t try it with a blanket, since I really like the idea of a postage stamp quilt, with thousands of tiny squares.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how brave I get later.  Today, I am going to curl up on that new couch, and get some homework done.  Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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