Wasting Time

There are many things in life I avoid, for many different reasons.  One of these things is Youtube.

Now there are many legitimate reasons to use Youtube.  I have had school assign me videos to watch, and some of them have been deeply fascinating and educational.  More often than not my experience has been walking into my husbands office at the end of the night and standing there for thirty minutes when I would rather be in bed as he shows me yet another video I just HAVE to see.  Some of them are amusing, some are truly stupid, and none of them have ever been something that made my life better because I had seen it.  This doesn’t mean that there is no value in the entertaining videos that are posted, it simply means I have not taken the time to search for the videos that would have value to me.

I avoided these videos for many reasons.  There was of course the obvious reason of time; I have so many things I need to do, adding in something that is not necessary, just for fun, is not a great use of my time.  I also considered the trouble with my comfort, as I had no desire to sit in front of my computer for additional time.  Finally there was the problem with content.  There is a lot out there, and I didn’t know where I would start.

As you might be able to guess, I did succumb to the lure of Youtube recently.  It was an accident, nothing I meant to do.  I was simply including a link on another blog post.  As I opened the page the first video started playing automatically, and it was really good.  Then, I saw the links to related videos on the side with video titles that were intriguing, pulling me and making be desperate to know what this new video was about.

When I next looked at the time, it was three hours later and I had wasted my entire morning watching four minute videos.

I enjoyed myself, and even learned a bit.  There were many related or recommended channels that I think I might enjoy as well, if I find a few minutes to cruise over there.  Sure, the amount of ridiculously stupid videos of people doing things no human should ever do is high enough, but there is so much more out there I never knew about.  If more people watched some of these educational or thought provoking videos, maybe there would be fewer people trying the stupid stunts.

However, I also watched my life disappear four minutes at a time.

Since that fateful day I have gone back a couple times.  I even got caught up, and wasted other mornings.  For the most part, I have intentionally stayed away, afraid of the time suck to my day.  I want to see the videos, but I want to be able to have other things in my life as well.  I can’t decide how to deal with a situation like this.  I am enjoying myself, but I am also allowing someone else’s creativity to sneak in and take my creative time.  That doesn’t seem quite fair to do to myself.

I want to wax philosophical about this, and deeply delve into the reasons I use these excuses to procrastinate, but the truth is I think there is a new video up already.  I might need to sneak over and check.  Don’t worry, I’m not just wasting time, or avoiding my own issues.  I’ll think about this seriously after one more video.


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