This week has not gone as planned.

It’s hard to pinpoint where things began to go wrong.

Maybe it was when there was a forgotten day of no school for my older daughter, causing me to rework my Monday schedule.  Maybe it was the trip to the ER on Tuesday where we learned my younger daughter has yet another broken arm.  Maybe it was the late night trying to finish end of school gifts for teachers.  Maybe it was the missed bus for a school an hour away, or the last minute doctors appointments.

There are just so many choices for where my week went crazy, I’m not sure it is possible to decide what was the final straw.  All I know for certain, is there was definitely a point where I just kind of gave up on the idea that I might have control over my life.

Well, not completely given up.  I have one more chance to salvage my normal life, even if it is just for today.  And I am taking it.  I am going to catch up on a little cleaning, get my scheduled workouts, eat my healthy meals, and hit my word count today, or I will go insane trying.

I can share the one thing I accomplished this week.  For my younger daughter, leaving Kindergarten is both a wonderful thing, and a sad experience.  She has enjoyed time with her friends and teachers, and while she will not miss homework, she will miss them.  As a small token of gratitude for all their hard work, we made tote bags for her two teachers, as well as the school nurse and principal with whom she bonded during her many moments of injured little girl time.

iphone 229

It was a mostly simple project, made to look more complicated by the school specific embroidery we included; however as my machine does most of that work for me, it was actually quite simple.  I have to say, splurging for the embroidery feature when I bought a new machine was definitely a decision I will not regret.  It is such an easy way of turning something nice into something personal and special.

Well, I now need to rush out to try and play catch up with my life for the day.  Enjoy your weekend, I will be back in a couple days, hopefully with my brain in order!


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