This morning I took my children to the fabric store.  There were technically many other things I should have been doing, but the fabric store was where we went. 

I needed a small piece of fabric to make a repair on a shirt of my daughter’s, and naturally found other things I somehow realized I could not live without.  Now that I am home, I can lay the fabric out, but I have very little desire to actually sew with it.  Once I begin sewing with my fabric, it loses it’s greatest excitement; the pure potential available. 

I might know what each of those pieces are going to be, but until I actually cut into the fabric and start sewing, they can be anything.  It is the real reason why I accumulate so much extra fabric.  It’s not because it was on sale, or because I have a pattern I could do with it.  I keep it around because I love being surrounded by possibilities.  Each and every piece could be something new and exciting.  I can’t just go with the first thing that crosses my mind, not when there are so many other options.  I am able to let my creativity flow, and see what happens.

Tomorrow, I might need to cut into the fabric.  After all, the shirt won’t mend itself, and the dress my daughter wants will not happen b magic.  Today, however, I will leave them out on the table to show their potential, and allow me to dream. 


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