Clearing My Mind

Every now and then my Little One will announce that she needs to meditate for a while.  Most often it comes before a meal, or after she gets home from school.  Sometimes it is out in the middle of shopping (such as this time the day after she broke her arm for the second time this year).  When and where vary, but one thing is consistent; Little One has had something happen to overwhelm her and chooses to sit, calm herself, and re-center her mind.

I’m not sure exactly where this habit of hers came from.  I did yoga for years, but mostly before she was born.  I studied Buddhism, but we don’t teach our daughters much about religion or spirituality.  Somehow, Little One came to the practice on her own, and decided it was something that helped her.

Last week I finished a manuscript.  Well, mostly.  I’m saving my celebration until I tweak the ending into something better.  I made a goal to get it done before today, and luckily I came through.  I plan to start the first round of revisions, fixing the notes I made while writing in one week from today. 

Before I start the editing process, I need to take a moment away.  I need to clear my mind, center, and come to it with refreshed eyes.  Instead of sitting on a bench outside a store in the Netherlands as my daughter chose to do, I am taking a family trip to Edinburgh.  We are going to see the castle, eat haggis, and visit every Harry Potter related thing we can find (my Big One is just a wee bit obsessed).  I’m hoping the inspiration found in the Elephant House might rub off on me a little, or at least that they have good coffee. 

How do you clear your mind and center before you start something large?


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