My Favorite Writing Tool

Everyone has something that makes their writing easier, and possibly better.  It is the chair that is perfectly aligned to be comfortable, or the pen that writes so smoothly.  It is the music that inspires, or the water bottle that means you are not getting up for a refill every two minutes.  It is the tool that lets you do whatever you need to do to get your story out.

For me, I would be unable to write without my trusty pad of Post-it notes. 

There are many sizes of Post-it notes, and many colors.  The possibilities are endless for their uses, because they have an almost unlimited options to choose from.  I have used the large, lined, note size, and the standard size.  I’d have to say my absolute favorite is the 2×2 inch squares, which barely have enough space to write a sentence.  I can’t say why.  I’m not writing detailed messages, just a quick note, and maybe that is the point.  It is a quick reminder I can look at later, and then I am back to business.

I do most of my writing sitting in front of my computer, so it would seem as though the Post-it’s don’t make a lot of sense, but I use them everyday in my writing.  I use a Post-it to mark down the daily word count, allowing me to keep track of my daily words written.   When I have a stray thought about my story, something I want to add in earlier in the story, or change, I can make a small note for later and not have to go back and rewrite everything that moment.  Some of my story ideas started out as a small scribble on a Post-it.  One I am preparing to begin, was once three words on a Post-it in the back of my calendar, and it is now preparing to be the first in a series of mid-grade books. 

It’s hard to say why I love them so much.  I can go months without using a Post-it, but when I need one, there is nothing more convenient and wonderful in my life.  Somehow, Post-it notes are what makes my writing easier.

Now, I know some people may assume I am being paid by Post-it to write this, but I am not.  I’m pretty sure they don’t have a clue that I am talking about them, and they don’t really need me to get sales.  Post-it’s are simply the strange but essential writing tool for my work.

What do you absolutely need when you are writing?  Do you use it everyday, or is it something you simply like to have nearby just in case?


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