When I was younger, I would run all over the neighborhood without shoes on.  I rolled down hills, laid on the grass, and generally ran wild outside in nature. 

One day, when I was around 22, I rolled down a hill with my daughter, trying to show her the fun we could have.  When I reached the bottom I looked over and saw a bug crawling on a blade of grass.  It suddenly occurred to me what I had been rolling in my entire life.  It wasn’t just the bugs; it was the animal urine, and…. other animal leavings. 

That was the moment that I realized that nature can be a truly disgusting place.

I’m sure you are slightly curious as to what my point is.  As disgusting as the great outdoors can be, it is also the best place to photograph certain sizes of blankets.  I have lots of space in my backyard, and when the sun shines, I have excellent lighting.  There was however, no way I was going to lay out the blanket I had just made for my bed on the questionable surface that is my lawn.  I might be crazy, but it’s a kind I’m alright with.

photo (4)

Instead of a photo of this quilt outside in the sunny well lit yard, you get a photo of my new quilt in my dark and cramped room with a wild animal to give the illusion of nature.  You don’t need to worry about Sam the Moose though. He’s clean.

I found this quilt on pintrest, and decided to make one of my own.  We needed something light weight for the summer, and I haven’t yet found the right fabric to make my dream quilt.  I’m not sure what the fabric is yet, but I will know it when I see it. 

Each of the circles is made from uneven numbers of scraps of fabric in various shades of blue, teal or black, with a gray background.  I didn’t do things quite the same as they instructed in the tutorial, and it might have been easier if I had.  The back of my quilt is also not as pretty as theirs.  When I was growing up, my mother always had a special way of doing quilt backs, and I have kept up her tradition.  She would buy us a sheet set, put the curvy sheet on the bed and use the flat sheet as the back of the quilt.  It left us with a matching set, gave the back of the quilt a soft feel, and meant we never had to mess around with making a bed with flat sheets as well as blankets.   It was win-win my book, and tends to save me money as well, because I don’t have to pay fabric store prices for quilt back size fabrics.  Of course, it means the back isn’t really pretty. It’s a trade off.

I know my photograph excuse is horrible, and maybe for my next project I will do the fantastic well lit photo.  Just not for something I am going to sleep with.  (insert shudder here)


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