It’s Been a While

It’s been a while since I posted anything about any reading I have been doing.  I have been reading, and more than just my text book, I just haven’t talked about it much here. 

I came to a realization a while ago.  I am not a book critic.  I HATE doing reviews.  It’s not because I dislike saying something bad, or I feel obligated to say something good.  Stating my opinion of a book isn’t a problem.  I don’t even mind analyzing further into why I like or dislike a book.  I do that anyway because it helps my writing. 

Doing a book review feels like homework.  It’s like being in fourth grade again and having to read the stupid book off of the stupid list when you would rather be reading ANYTHING else, and then writing one stupid page on the stupid book you never wanted to read in the first place.  (I may have been a little bitter about book reports as a child.)  When I was trying to review books, as brief as that time period was, I had good intentions.  I wanted to bring attention to beginning writers and show that everyone starts somewhere, and even the beginning can be pretty awesome.  It just didn’t take long until it felt as though I HAD to read another book, and write up a review. 

So, I decided to stop.  Reading is something I do because I love it, and I am too old to have to write book reports, even if I am assigning them to myself. 

It is not to say I will not longer talk about books, or share good books I have read.  I’ve just decided to go in a new direction with the book side of blogging.  I’d like to give myself new challenges, and branch out to new places.  Hopefully you will come back next week, and so I can share a little more with you on my new reading challenge.


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