I Write Like……

There is a lot about writing that can be a drag. 

I mean, sure it’s creative and fun, but that is only part of the time.

There are times when writing can seem depressing.  I’m alone a lot of the time, because it is not much of a social job.  I doubt myself constantly, trying to find the right words, and always feeling like I got them wrong.  I send out letters, trying to get a few people to read my work, and never get as many as I would like.

And sometimes, there is something fun that comes along.

When I heard about the site, I Write Like, I naturally had to test my writing.  I had just started a new novel, a young adult fairy tale, with a little bit of a dark edge.  I was naturally, quite pleased with my results.

I write like
Lewis Carroll

I Write Like. Analyze your writing!



Lewis Carroll seemed like a good result, even if it was only an analysis of a small part of the beginning.  I wasn’t trying to imitate anyone, but that audience seems very good for what I am aiming to do.  I found it encouraging and refreshing to hear good news, even from a text analysis tool.

I ran a few other manuscripts through, and got authors I didn’t recognize, but I was not placed with authors well known for bad writing, so I am counting it as a win for the day!


3 thoughts on “I Write Like……

  1. I had not heard of this site. Maybe on a brave day I might rise to the challenge and give it a try. It is encouraging to hear you feel it was worth the time and effort, as often these things can lead to a depressed state of mind afterwards. Wish you luck with your young adult fairy tale.

    • I’m not sure what authors are in their database; I just took a chance. It was fun to hear an author that I would have wanted the work to be compared to. Even if I hadn’t gotten a result I liked, I would have learned something. It would have told me if I was off track on my writing if I received a comparison that was very far away from my goal. Take the plunge and try it! You learn something either way, and maybe it will kick your confidence up a little. Good luck!

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