In Hindsight

Do you ever have an absolutely brilliant idea?

This idea comes along, and just seems perfect.  You do everything you can to execute this amazing plan, because you know it will be fantastic.  Unfortunately somewhere between starting and finishing you realize it is the by far the stupidest thought that has ever crossed anyone’s mind.  Ever.

My stupid idea of the week is trips to the gym with my husband.

My husband and I have both been slacking off with our health a little lately.  I have struggled with a combination of oversleeping. and summer heat.  My husband hit a gym slump after leaving for work for a couple months.  Let’s face it, once the routine is broken, it is easy to grab onto any excuse and run with it. 

To help us both, I gave the brilliant suggestion that we go to the gym together.  If we’re counting on each other, neither of us will want to back out.  I’ll be able to use the cardio machines and do my normal toning, the only thing I have been keeping up with, at home as usual.  He will be able to use the cardio machines and weight room. 

As Big One is old enough to babysit, we occasionally take advantage of having an in-home sitter.  We decided the easiest way to go, without disrupting the children would either be before they wake up, or after they go to bed.  Of course, at the end of the day, we’ll be tired and more likely to refuse to go, so morning seemed like a good idea. 

Morning gym call is now 5am.  I’m getting out of bed at 430 so I can spend an hour on machines that go nowhere.  The first day wasn’t so bad.  The second day, I began to wonder what in the hell I was thinking. 

I’m not a morning person.    I get up early regularly, but only so I can wake up without anyone else bugging me.  It’s not because I like it, it is for the health and safety of those I live with. 

Today was our first rest day.  It’s based on his workout schedule, so I still have my toning later today, but I get a rest from the hamster wheel the gym is trying to convince me is fun.  I know in a few weeks it will be routine, and I will do it without thinking.  Today, in hindsight, I should have never have suggested I leave my bed.

What brilliant plan have you had, that didn’t turn out how you thought it should?


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