Closing Time

Summer Break is getting ready to end for my family. I was very concerned at the beginning of the summer, trying to figure out how I was going to get everything done with the kids home.  So far, it has actually been a breeze. 

We had two weeks of lazy days at the beginning of summer, followed by one week of vacation, and then three weeks of day camp.  We’re in the home stretch, finishing our last two weeks of lazy days and working to enjoy every minute of it. 

We have done a few day trips in here, and are planning a few more.  There has been a lot of Mama alone time, which I was not counting on having and made my life easier. 

It seems as if things moved along quickly and easily.  I’m not used to that.

Of course it wasn’t always perfect.  I didn’t always hit my word count, and in fact had a few days there where I felt as if I had not gotten anything done at all.  

The end of this summer almost feels as if it is the end of a grand experiment.  I tried having my children home and still working from home.  I was not as successful as I would have liked, but that was on me, not on them.  When Mama was working, they left me alone; it was Mama who didn’t get her work done.

Life is preparing to come back to a normal routine.  I know I will be grateful for the routine we once had, but I am also very happy to know that when life changes I can roll with the punches.  It’s something I probably should have already learned, but I think I can always use a reminder.


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