Run It Out

A while back I wrote a post, talking about how I was starting my running over.  I had been fit-ish, but injury and laziness had set me back to the beginning.  I would like to say it went wonderfully, but that would be a lie.

I’m not sure if anyone knows this, but it is hard to start over.  Knowing I had once been much more advanced, and being sent back to the beginners circle sucked.  And running itself can be hard, particularly in the beginning.  I hurt, I was tired, and I felt slightly ridiculous.  I used to run marathons people!  Maybe not a lot, but two does allow me to make that plural, I’m certain of it.  I was a distance runner, slow as I was, and slogging through two miles was suddenly almost impossible.

Maybe it’s ridiculous, but yes, I quit again for a while.  You can judge here, I judge me too.

Last week I decided I needed to get it back.

photo 2-2

My feet look tiny from up here!

While talking with a friend, we were discussing how for some reason we both do great work on Sunday afternoons.  For both of us, it seemed to stem from the same thing; when we worked all week, Sunday was the time we could set aside to catch up on homework for the week before it was due.  She would go to church, then home for homework, I would take my long run for the week, then homework.  It seemed our brains had gotten used to thinking well at that time of the week.

I kept thinking on that later.  Lately it seemed I could only sit and write well on Sundays when I do my homework, but that was not always the case.  When we first moved here and I was not working, I wrote all the time.  Granted, looking back it was not some of my best work, but the words seemed to flow constantly.  Of course then I was running constantly too.

Why it did not occur to me before that my best writing comes after my runs I don’t know.  It is logical.  Exercise wakes up the mind, gets the blood moving, and gives you happy happy feel good chemicals.  (I’m pretty sure that is the scientific term.)  Naturally when you feel that great, even through the soreness and exhaustion, you are more productive.

So, I’m trying again.  I’m only three runs back in, but I already feel better.  Well, not the first time, but in retrospect, three mile run followed by two mile walk is not the best way to start back in.

photo 1-2

Looking real cool with my head torch.

I’d like to think this time it will stick, but I know me. I’ll fall back a little a few times again.  At least for now, I can enjoy the benefits.  My second run in I solved the problems with two stories almost as soon as I left the house.  Silly me, I didn’t realize they should have been the same story, but my running shoes knew.  I’m just glad I set out and let them share with me.

Happy Running everyone, I am out the door!


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