Busy, Busy

At what point during the day is it acceptable to look at your to do list, scream, and then spend the day binge watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries instead of accomplishing anything on the list? Is right after waking up too early or should I wait until lunch time to give up?

All right, context.

I am currently sitting six days from my vacation. I’m not sure how this happened since I know when we booked the plane tickets I had six weeks to get ready.  I refuse to believe that was really five weeks ago.  Of course, my refusal to believe it has done nothing to change the calendar, and I am still sitting here, curled in a ball in the corner wondering how I am going to finish everything on time.

I have two weeks worth of homework to do, if I want to avoid doing homework in Rome.  I have a house to prep for vacation, which in my mind involves every thing that could possibly be done to clean every surface of my house before I leave.  I have a baby gift to finish before a dinner tonight (EEEEKK!).  I have a book to finish and and post to write for next week, or have a 50 Books posting day come up empty (not acceptable).  I have a dog to prepare for the kennel, which with my inability to read the dutch on her puppy passport may require a trip to the vet to double check her shots.  My contact prescription is almost out of date, everything is a little fuzzy, and I need an appointment, which could require several hours on the phone.  I have photos to gather for my pottery class this week, in order to show my instructor what I want to make.  I am behind by five chapters and one week on beta reading for another author.  My daughter has been sending me a short story everyday for two weeks, and I haven’t had time to read a single one.  Two classes from graduating, my school has decided to mess up my financial aide.  I have cleaning and organizing I have been meaning to do for months, which somehow, in my stressed out mind, now seems like the best time to get it done.

Yeah, I’ll be in the corner, weeping in the fetal position.

Technically this does not all need to be done today, but it feels like it does.  I can write out all of lists I want, but if I cannot calm my mind enough to get moving on any of them, it will not matter.  I have so much to do, the only logical thing to do is take a nap.

All right, maybe the problem isn’t just being overwhelmed.  Truth?  A lot of my list is not fun.  I don’t like doing one week of homework, let alone rushing through two weeks.  Finishing the baby quilt is boring; the fun part came a month ago when I made the design.  Cleaning is annoying, and the family always comes along and messes things up again.

I want to do something exciting.  I’m not talking about the trip at the end of this busy week, I just mean something amazing right now.  I want to waste the hours away designing things I will make someday.  I want to spend an entire day sitting in front of my computer writing my story.

I don’t want to scrub anything.  Please, don’t make me.

Sigh.  All right.  Back to reality.


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