I’m Still Here!

When I first started blogging, I was certain I should always post on Sundays.  Sunday seems to be a dead zone for most of the bloggers I read, and I always hate that.  I wanted to be a little different, but even for me, it has now turned into a dead zone.  What can I say, I guess there really is no post on Sundays.  (Yes, the Harry Potter geek in me is loving this.)

I intended to have a long and well thought out post today, but tomorrow morning my family leaves for a week in Rome.  It is a combination fall break/birthday trip and I am really excited.  I hardly felt like we were going for the month we have been planning this, but today, with the dog dropped off at the kennel, tickets in my hand, and my bag packed?  I finally feel like we are going.

I still have a few posts coming this week, but I am busy getting ready today, so I don’t have time to try to fix my no post on Sunday’s issue.  I plan on coming in strong in two weeks (though probably not on Sunday), hopefully with amazing pictures and stories to tell.  Until then, you will have to pick up a book instead of my blog, and follow me on instagram for the quickest access to my Roman Holiday.


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