Welcome Home!!

I am home!

Six days in Rome were wonderful, more so than I ever anticipated.  We went everywhere we could, it felt as though we walked all of the seven hills, though there was so much we missed.  Much of our time was spent in churches, because that seems to be the best place to find art in Rome, and many of them are free to visit.  We also visited ruins of things that were amazing feats of architecture in their time, and impressive to have anything left standing.  I left feeling relaxed, inspired, and incredibly lucky to be able to travel as I do.  I also left feeling very angry.

Now I will get to the good eventually here, but I need a moment to complain about something that angers me to unreasonable levels.

First of all, I am aware that this is unreasonable.  I am angered by something that technically has nothing to do with me.  It is not my business, it is not my problem, but at the same time it effects me.  Is this reasonable?  Should I be so passionately angry about this issue?  No, probably not.  But I am.

Second, I know some people may be offended by these comments.  I know I should say I am sorry for being rude or offending you.  But I won’t.  Your being offended won’t change how I feel about this, just as much as my being angry is not likely to change your actions.  If I say I am sorry it would be a lie.

So what has me riled up?  Smoking.

There were a lot of people smoking in Rome.  Everywhere.  All the time.  And it makes me so angry.

I don’t care that these people want to do something that will hurt them.  It’s their life, they can live and die as they choose, it is not my business.  However when they are smoking in places, blocking pathways with their smoke, and blowing it on my family, it does become my issue as well.

The truth is, smokers can be incredibly rude.  In Rome, I had smoke blown in my face more times than I could count.  Several times I had someone else blow their smoke into my open mouth as I was talking.  Maybe they couldn’t understand how disgusting that is, but it made me gag and cough.  Now, there is a little credit to be given to some smokers who try not to be rude.  They hold their lit cigarette down, trying to keep the smoke out of people’s faces.  However, do you know where that puts the smoke?  Directly at the level of my children’s faces.  Trust me, that is not any better.

Beyond the rudeness, intentional or otherwise, smokers can be a bit dangerous.  These are people who are walking around swinging hot sticks, capable of burning passers by.  No it doesn’t happen often, but trust me, when you feel that cigarette get close it is not fun.

It all just comes down to showing common courtesy.  Smoking all over the place, breathing it all over people, and waving it in their faces is rude.  Maybe I am biased, as a lifelong nonsmoker, but the other side is just as biased to their opinion.

I love living in Europe.  Quite honestly there are times when my husband and I am not sure we ever want to go back to the states.  However, there are also times when I wouldn’t mind going somewhere where there have been limits put on smoking in public.

All right, rant over for now.  If it offended you, well I hope at least it also made you think.  Soon, I will share things much more pleasant about my trip, and how it is helping me to be ready for NaNoWriMo in just a couple of weeks.



One thought on “Welcome Home!!

  1. I loved Rome and left with aching feet. However, people smoking wasn’t noticed too much by me as we spent most of our time in galleries or churches or the Vatican, but I do agree smoking is a pointless, life limiting habit. Best of luck with Nano, I too am preparing for the challenge.

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