All right everyone, it has officially started.  And guess what?  I am already officially behind!

Okay, not technically.  I still have all day to get moving, however, I feel like I am already behind.  Writing on the weekends is always a little dubious for me.  Everyone is home, and getting anything done without being interrupted is incredibly difficult.  I’m usually able to squeeze out enough peace and quiet to get one paper written for school, but that is all. Asking for anything else is a lot to request from my ‘family time.’

My solution for this morning was going to be to get up early and get my writing done before everyone else wakes up.  Simple enough, just wake up a couple of hours early, sneak downstairs, take care of the dog, get my coffee and write through the semi-awake fog for a little while without being distracted by the internet.

Simple right?

Yeah, I started off by turning off my alarm and going back to bed for another half an hour.  When I got up, I stumbled downstairs, took care of the puppy and coffee situations, and then instantly fired up the internet and was lost until my youngest child came down to poke through her candy bucket from Halloween last night.


Mornings aren’t my ideal writing time I guess.  I already have my wake up routine, and it does not involve thought.  I could try at night, but that is currently the time I decompress and try not to lose my place when I fall asleep in a book.  Not my greatest creative moments either.

I’m starting to worry my NaNoWriMo is going to start very poorly indeed.

Luckily, I was prepared for this. I know how my weekends usually work, and I am ready to get what I can, and make up words on weekdays.  The technical goal for NaNoWriMo is 50,000 words, but it is also to complete a novel.  I am choosing to work on a YA this time around, and the typical word count there is 55,000-70,000, with a little leeway on either side.  My real goal?  Work on a quality piece I can be proud of, even if I am proud of something that lives in my hard drive until I (or the hard drive) die.

As none of these words will count towards my novel, time to move on people.

Happy Writing!  Enjoy your NaNoWriMo, whatever you choose to do with it!

As a small side note to anyone who reads my blog and does not give two flips about NaNoWriMo, do not worry.  My blog will not be completely overtaken this month.  I mean, yeah, sure a little.  I do write about what I am doing, and this is something I am doing, but it will not be the only thing.  Unless I get really far behind.  Eek!  I better get started!


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