Post Halloween Post

October is my favorite month.  There is usually a crisp and cool bite to the air, but it is not too cold yet.  I get my birthday halfway through the month, and finish everything off with Halloween.

Now my husband is a Christmas person, but me?  I have always been all about Halloween.  It wasn’t the candy, though that didn’t hurt.  I always loved the idea of being another person for a little while.  I wasn’t stuck being plain old boring me anymore; I was able to be someone magical, mystical, strong.  Simply put, I was able to be whoever I wanted.  Whatever made me love Halloween as a child is still alive now; it is the same thing that pushed me into drama in high school and writing now.

As far a dressing up?  No, I don’t dress up anymore.  Between the cost of adult halloween costumes, the lack of fabric included in the costume, and the husband who won’t dress up, the fun has waned a bit.  Now, I am the costume support for my children.

This year, I had to simple costumes.  First, Small One.

photo 1-1

Meet Shadow Girl, a superhero ninja of my daughter’s own invention.  She is imbued with all the superpowers, and moves undetectably through the night.  She also occasionally uses her swords when her Daddy comes after her Kit Kats.

photo 2-1

Big One was not as willing to be photographed.  For a variety of reasons we did Halloween 45 minutes away, which involved us picking her up from her school and getting her costume together in a bathroom, and taking the costume picture in front of her friend.  I would have pictured them together, but her friend was even less excited to have a picture taken. Yea (almost) teenagers.

Big One, is currently severely into anime.  She had a very clear costume in mind, however I was unwilling to spend $200 on a costume that would likely be worn once.  Silly of me, I know.  Instead, we went for Alice from Wonderland, her favorite character in general, with a bit of an anime twist.  The long black wig was going to be put into pigtails, but that wasn’t going to work with her blonde hair underneath.  I offered to do a large anime eye, but she didn’t want to bother since she had her glasses on.  Her current plans for her future involve getting into cosplay, learning how to refashion and sew her own costumes, and trying to talk her parents into going to conventions with her.  I imagine if she wants to do that she will have to accept the possibility of wearing contact lenses occasionally.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween, and is ready for a great November!


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