Orange You Glad

I hate winter.  I know we aren’t technically there yet, but it’s getting cold, which is winter enough for me.

It’s nothing personal against the season.  There are many things I do like; warm fires, big blankets, hot chocolate, and cozy nights reading or watching movies.  If I could spend my entire winter, sitting on the couch, watching the snow fall while I drank from a bottomless cup of cocoa, wrapped in blankets by the fire with a good book in my lap, I would be happy as could be.  But unfortunately, eventually I need to leave that couch and live a real life; in that real life, I am flippin’ cold and I don’t like it.

There is one bright spot in the cold abyss that is winter.

photo 1-3

Clementine season is here.  Yeah, I know the post is  called ‘orange you glad’, but ‘clementine you glad’ just doesn’t make sense.

Clementines are amazing little balls of easy to peal, vitamin C packed, yumminess.  Sure, I’d tried them before moving out here, but they never seemed like they were anything exciting.  I mean, it looked like the small, underdeveloped cousin of an orange.  Not very exciting.

Then, we saw how you could buy them here.

photo 2-3

They sell them in crates here!  It’s bulk shopping for fruit, not crap.  How amazing is that?  And my daughters will go through them rather quickly.  We have a basic rule in this house; you can eat all the fruits and vegetables you want, but you need to ask for anything else.  With this as a rule, it is not uncommon for us to go through an entire crate in one day.  I can’t even really complain; they are eating something healthy when they are hungry.

It has however gotten me to a point of slightly excessive clementine purchasing.  This trip I bought three crates; normally it is at least double that.  The commissary workers call me ‘The Clementine Lady.’  I had three people tell me the clementines were now in stock yesterday.

I guess it could be worse.  I arrived home yesterday to discover I had a rather large hole in the bum of my pants.  I flashed the entire store while grocery shopping and didn’t notice.  Yeah.  I think I’d rather be ‘The Clementine Lady’ than ‘The Woman who flashed her Bum.’

There are definitely worse things, than being known for buying a lot of fruit.


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