Bragging Rights

Normally, when I make a post bragging about something homemade, it is something I have made.  Today, I am bragging on behalf of Little One.

Last week, she had a half day of school on the same day I had pottery class.  As a future artist, she was excited at the prospect joining me and seeing a real pottery studio.  At first she was a little shy, scared to try anything or leave my side.  After putting her hands on the clay on my wheel, and feeling it move without hurting her, she was addicted.  She sat right down with our teacher and made a bowl.


After her bowl, she couldn’t figure out why everyone else was struggling.  As far as Little One was concerned, pottery is easy.  She sat down to make a bowl completely on her own, only needing a little of my assistance to turn it into a plate.


With her one class success, she was sure she was an expert now, and offered to help me if I couldn’t quite get it.  As she told me, “Keep working Mama.  Soon you’ll make good stuff like me.”


2 thoughts on “Bragging Rights

  1. I loved this as it reminded me of how easy my kids used to pick up computer technology while I struggled with the fact that it would not break unless I dropped it on the floor. She is one lucky girl to have tried pottery and succeeded at making a plate.

    • She is very proud of herself! I know she received a lot of help, but she didn’t seem to struggle with the same things the adults in the room did. Now she keeps reminding me to make sure to paint her stuff and bring it home at the end of class. I don’t think there will be a way for me to forget at this current rate of reminding!

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