Cold Days


I hate winter.  It is no real secret, I tell everyone.

And it’s nothing personal.  Winter is very pretty, and if it were not so cold I would be a fan.  The one advantage of winter in my eyes is the logical need to stay inside, drink lots of tea, and enjoy a nice warm fire as I read a book.  Or write a book.

Unfortunately if you are me, it also means tea puddles as I am incapable of not spilling beverages.  I didn’t grow up in a house that was obsessive with coasters, but as I have gotten older I have begun to realize how nice it is to have something to keep the hot liquid from hitting my furniture, my electronics, and my appendages.  Coasters are never enough, so I was happy to adopt the idea of the mug rug; slightly bigger than a coaster, and smaller than a placemat, it is big enough to work with my ability to spill.


In addition to the function of the mug rug, they are fun to make.  It is a tiny quilt, capable of being completed in one sitting.  It is all the joy of quilting without the long term commitment, and is the perfect way to use fabric scraps or try new patterns.

It just gets better and better.  I might survive winter after all.


2 thoughts on “Cold Days

    • I feel like I need at least ten, not only to deal with spills but so I can have one everywhere. Maybe it’s lazy, but wouldn’t it be nice to have one on every table instead of always moving them? Or maybe I am just looking for an excuse to sew more…

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