Merry Happy

I have been a bit remiss in my blogging, but I would guess you noticed that.  We had a bit of a crazy few weeks, filled with last minute shopping, doctors visits, a field trip, a christmas party, school, work, illness, and much more driving than I would care to repeat.

Living far away, we very rarely have the opportunity to be with family around a holiday.  When we get the chance, we have to take it.  It might not be international law, but it is close enough in our house.  A few months ago, my husbands cousin moved out to Germany to be with his fiancé, (now his wife), and his mother and grandmother were coming out to visit for Christmas.  The chance to see cousins, aunt, and grandmother was very appealing, so plans were made to go out and visit.  We tried hard to get everything done before leaving, not really successfully, packed up, and drove the three and a half hours to Mannheim Germany.

Then the plague hit the house.

There was a bit of a discussion as to who started it, but I’m not sure we’ll ever know.   All I know for certain is I felt close to death a few times.  Head cold, chest cold, fever, chills.

In spite of the sickness, we had a great time.  I planned to get a little blogging done while there, but it didn’t happen.  I’d say I’m sorry, but well, family and illness took my time.  One should have, and the other doesn’t give you a choice.  Hopefully I can catch up some of my before Christmas stories before New Years.  If not, well, it happens.

For today, I am working to nurse the last of my own illness, take care of the last to fall ill (the littlest one lasted the longest), put my house back together, and relax after a mad dash home last night.  When the weather reported heavy snowfall and storm in Mannheim, we hightailed it home a night early in order to beat the storm.  The storm didn’t hit there as expected, but we had a nice snowfall overnight here.  Unfortunately we are all too sick to enjoy building a snowman.  Perhaps we’ll come close later and let the little sick one watch Frozen instead.

Well, for now, to cover all I missed and all that is to come, Merry Happy everything!


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