Kicking Off 2015

It’s a new year, which means people everywhere are making promises to change they will not actually keep.  I always try to avoid making resolutions and instead make goals.  It seems the same to some, but to me it is very different.  A resolution is something you are going to change about yourself; a goal is something you want to accomplish.  When I feel as though I need to change something about myself, I change, I don’t wait until the beginning of the new year.  However, goals help to keep you focused; it’s nothing something I want to change, it’s just something I want to achieve.  As I said, it’s a small distinction.

Last year, I made five goals for myself, not all of which I accomplished.  As I make new goals for myself, I also reflect on those from the year before.  So, first the breakdown.

Goal 1, start a blog.  Okay.  Done.  Obviously.  I didn’t grow the blog quickly, or post consistently, but I got started.  I think I am still finding my voice here, but I made the first step, and that was getting started.

Goal 2, finish the three stories I began.  Okay.  Not done.  Two I didn’t finish, and the third I did, but it was barely begun at the beginning of the year.  Somehow this goal got a little twisted in my mind and turned from finishing projects I had begun and turned into writing three novels.  Either way I didn’t do it.  I did however finish two novels, learn a way to outline my story ideas that works for me, and managed to finish a story in one month for NaNoWriMo.  I definitely made progress in learning what works for me when it comes to writing.

Goal 3, work on my healthy habits.  All right, it was a rough year, but I never stopped trying.

Goal 4, publish a novel.  Also, not done.  I went into the year with so much hope and optimism.  Bluntly put, I knew nothing about how to publish a novel.  I didn’t know how hard it was, or how long the process could take.  I had no idea about any of it.  On top of that, I feel as though I may have had an overinflated idea of how good my novel was.  A year of perspective, and putting it kindly, it was not ready.  I was not ready.  There are still things I like about the first one, but overall, I think it was more of a mess than it should have been before I started the query process.  Some of the writing was great, but the story was not. Instead of trying for publishing, I think I should be ripping it apart and using it for spare parts.

Goal 5, create something on a regular basis.  I wanted so much to just keep making things, and I think I managed that.  Not everything was great, or perfect, but I never stopped trying to create something new.  So, I guess for this one, go me!

It’s hard to say I actually accomplished my goals here.  I guess three out of five isn’t bad.  I learned a lot, and I know I really improved my writing this year, even if other things did’t go as well.  Maybe this is a sign I need to pick my goals better, and think a little more this year.  There is nothing wrong with setting your goals or resolutions on January 1st, but there is not reason you can’t make them a little later either.  So no, I am not posting my goals today.  Instead, I am giving myself at least another week.  I want to be ready, and know I am choosing something I want for myself.  In any case, with goals today, tomorrow or three weeks from now, I am going to make something out of 2015.  Maybe that is the only goal I need.


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