Most Important Part of Today

I know it is cheesy and weird, but I am still trying to get my life together for this new year.  Two weeks of kids home, plus being sick (which I still am), have left me off schedule and feeling lost.  Fortunately, the children went back to school yesterday, the husband went back to work, and it gave me a chance to rest and recover slightly. However today, I am officially back in school as well, which takes away my rest time.

None of that matters today however.

Today, there is something more important than any of that.  This girl.


Not the dog, the sleeping child.  Today is Big One’s 13th birthday.  She is officially a surly teenager.  She denies it of course, but I have my doubts and am preparing full swat team riot gear just in case.  Now that she knows everything, she has instructed me to not panic and to continue on as we always have in the past.  Of course she also promised me that she would not now or ever decide to start dating and having a social life.  I think this is definitive proof I cannot trust anything that comes out of her mouth anymore.

But for this one moment, what comes out of her mouth does not matter at all. It is all about what I have to say.  Happy Birthday to my Big One.  She changed my life, and continues to make me a better person.  I look forward to everything she is going to put me through over the next seven years of her teenagedom.


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