Running Late

So, remember a few months ago when I said I was taking a pottery class?  I shared pictures of a few in progress projects, and said I would share the finished projects?  I remembered too.  I know it might not seem like I do, as I haven’t posted them yet, but I do.

So, what is bringing on my memory?  I start a new pottery class next week!  Yes, I loved it enough, I am doing it again.  But first, let’s share what I made.

photo 1



and after!  (Sorry about the cruddy lighting.  This is why I am planning to work on my photos for this blog.)

photo 2



and after!  Plus two more similar sized bowls you can barely see behind!

Sadly I don’t have a all of them as before and after, but I do have the two from my first couple of classes.  They are sad, wonky pieces, and I love them.  Of course, I also love the other, better pieces.  Being a coffee lover, I of course had to make myself a mug (and the only decent picture in the batch).


And I made a matching bowl.


I made a pencil holder, for no apparent reason.


And a set of chopstick bowls.  I only took a picture of one, but I made four.


I think they last two pictures are my favorite pieces however.  First a collaborative project; I made the bowl, and a friend made the octopus.


And the final before and after, Little Ones’s pieces.  She made a bowl, a plate, a puppy head, and a heart.




And after!

Here is to another pottery class, taking better pictures, and posting things on time!


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