One Year Old

I have been debating on what to write for this post for a couple of days.  Well actually for almost a month.

I have been blogging here for one year.  It feels like it should be a party, celebrating everything I have accomplished and everything this blog has become.  In truth, I am doing less celebrating and more reflecting.

I started this blog for a reason.  I wanted to share who I was, and find others who were going through similar things.  I was looking to make a connection, to reach out into the world and make it a little smaller.

I know my blog is small.  It has grown since I started, of course, but not at a record breaking pace.  I don’t have a slim focus, which makes it difficult to gain a following.  I write about what crosses my mind, what worries me, and what interests me.  Sometimes it means I have something exciting to say, and other times I have nothing.  It doesn’t make it easy for others to know what to make of me.

I haven’t been making the connections I set out to make, but I think I am staying true to who I am.  I guess I can’t hope for much more.

My second year of blogging has begun, my next chance to do what I set out to do.  Now it is just to do it.


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