I know I have been AWOL this last week.  It was not something intentional.  I completely meant to post, but well, things got busy.

I know, now I sound like the date who promised to call, didn’t and then awkwardly bumped into you at the coffee shop.

I promise, it’s not like that.  I was distracted, as I was completing my last week in my Master’s program.  That’s right people.  I am done.

There are no words for the level of relief I feel right now.

I was never sure I wanted to start the program, as much as I wanted the degree.  I knew it would be a lot of work, and I was terrified that the payoff would not be enough.

Now that I am done, I can’t seem to stop dancing around the house.

I’m not sure I could say the extra degree will pay off, but I can say I am happy.

There was a lot of stress, and several moments where I wasn’t sure if I would make it.  But this feeling, right now, completely worth it.

I have finished this chapter, and I am moving onto the next one.  As soon as I take a nap.  This dancing is exhausting.

(Ok, I’m still going to be dancing.  I just find sleepy Boo to be adorable.)

Have an AMAZING day everyone!


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