This is me

My name is Shannon.  I am a 31 year old Air Force wife and mother of two beautiful girls. I am currently living in Belgium with my family.  I spent several years working with young children before switching to the role of stay at home Mom. Now I spend my days reading, writing, sewing, knitting, cooking and working out.  I am currently working to publish my first novel.  When I’m not typing away on another book, this is how I spend my time.

Iphone Ireland 035


2 thoughts on “This is me

  1. Good luck on your novel! That’s so awesome. Do you have any advice on where to begin writing a novel? Do you also know how you go about getting it published and everything? I don’t really know how that process works.

    • Thanks!
      I think the best advice I can give on writing your novel is to find something you are passionate about. The process of planning, researching, and revising is long. You need to really love your work to keep pushing through, especially when you start sending out to agents. If you don’t believe in your work, no one else will so make sure you are pursuing the right thing for you.
      I’m still learning a lot about the process of publishing. Hopefully one day I will be sharing more as I go through the process, but for now it’s better to refer you to the experts. Try visiting sites such as Writer’s Digest or Writer’s Marketplace to learn more about what you should be doing as you write your novel. Good luck!

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