There is no trip to Belgium that would be complete without a trip to Brussels.  It’s not my favorite city in the world, or even in Belgium, but it does have things to see, depending on your interests.

We started with a trip to the Grande Place.  It is an impressive courtyard, which occasionally has other things in there, including the Flower Carpet when the event is happening.


There are a few museums in this area, which are supposed to be great.  Unfortunately the one we wanted  to see was closed the day we went.  Sad.

This area is also incredibly busy.  There are tourists everywhere, taking pictures of everything.  It can be annoying if you let it get to you, but it also opened up an opportunity to entertain Little One.  After all of this travel, she was getting pretty burned out and needed something fun to do.  All of these cameras led the two of us to sprint across the open area, dunking and hiding as we tried to avoid being caught.  We were security agents, working protection detail for her Grandparents.  The mission; to escort these honored guests around Brussels safely, without having our cover blown or getting caught on camera.  She took this mission very seriously.


Forget being a princess.  Give my little one a chance to turn into a badass for the day, and she is in, every time.

After the Grand Place we took off to find a very famous statue.  I had always heard it simply called ‘the little boy peeing,’ but apparently it has a real name that is even more fun, Mannekin-Pis.


I have heard a few different legends as to why this statue is famous, but no one knows for sure why he had a statue.  The only thing that seems to be agreed on, is that the little boy is a beloved icon now.

On a previous visit, the little boy was naked, but today he was wearing one of the 815 costumes he has in his collection, all available to view in the closed museum.  Sigh.

We spent a bit of time wandering around, just seeing the sights and shopping.


All around the Grand Place are cute little shopping streets.  Some focus on restaurants, others on Belgian specialties.  All of them are amusing to at least walk along and see.

After a while we headed out to find Cathedrale des Saints Michel et Gudule.


This beautiful building is Brussels largest church.  It began construction in 1226 and took around 300 years to complete, meaning there are three hundred years of architecture and art included inside.  This is also the church used for important events in Belgium, such as royal weddings or state funerals.


I didn’t have a big wedding, but man, can you imagine walking down that aisle?


Or having your wedding march played on that organ?

The inside of the church was of course remarkable, with stained glass windows.


A solid oak carved pulpit.


Beautiful statues.


And Little One lighting a candle.


Not long after this stop, we were back in the car making the long drive home.