2015 Goals

All right, as it is January 12, and I am only now getting around to making some goals for the year, I suppose the first should be stop procrastinating, but that might be a little too obvious.  I actually have no guilt from setting goals a little late in the month.  I honestly feel a goal should be made when it makes sense; beginning of the year goals make sense because they have a built in time frame, but it is not the only time I will make goals for myself.  I do it all the time.  But whenever I do, I take the time to think about what I am doing, and make a goal I believe is right for me for many reasons.

With this in mind, here are my 2015 goals.  I know I could keep them to myself, and no one would ever need to know if I failed, but what is the point of having a group of strangers I talk to if I am not going to share with them my embarrassing moments?

Goal #1

Improve my technology/social media skills.

There is a large world online and it terrifies me.  I am barely comfortable blogging, rarely tweet, and almost always forget to instagram.  I want to get better, but there is so much out there for me to learn, and I am hampered by the absolute knowledge that no one cares about many of the stupid things I think, see, and do. Honestly, taking pictures while my food gets cold feels ridiculous, and 99% of people would not get the little jokes I can fit into 140 characters.  Maybe it’s a confidence thing, but whatever it is, I would like to get better.  I’m not sure I will ever be a video blogger, but I can get better at creating a layout for my site, and editing and posting better pictures.

Goal #2

Branch out with my writing.

Last year I made it a goal to finish more manuscripts, and I did all right, but not great.  I feel like my focus was so narrow, I didn’t have time to explore.  I would like to finish full novel manuscripts, but I would like to do something else as well.  I’d like to work a little on writing short stories, and improve my blogging habits.  I started out pretty regular, but it dropped off a lot.  I out off writing posts, and condensed some things way too much.  I mean come on, I spent a week in Rome, saw so much, and came back feeling inspired and desperate to see more. And then what did I do?  I condensed it all into one brief post that barely touched on my trip.  What the hell?  I call myself a writer and I couldn’t write a decent post about a place I loved so much?  I want to keep working on the old goal (publishing a novel), but I want to spend time writing about whatever inspires me, and not skimping on the details.

Goal # 3

Focus on my health.

Okay, this is a typical new years resolution thing, but it is not about weight.  I could easily make a goal with a specific number of pounds I want to lose, but that would only be part of my goal.  I want to feel better.  I want to run more, and do actual real world races again this year.  I want to focus on overcoming the depression and anxiety that threatens me frequently lately.  Losing weight or gaining muscles would be awesome, but feeling good is the actual goal.

Goal #4

Learn something new.

There are so many specific skills I considered listing as a goal.  I want to learn a new language, try knitting cables, play the ukulele, and paper piece quilting, just to name a few things.  Instead of listing a specific goal, I am leaving it open.  I’ve never been great with languages (said the writer) so I might not be able to master a language.  Maybe I will try the ukulele and decide I hate it.  There are variables I can’t control here.  Instead, I am going to make it a goal to work to learn something new, maybe many something news.  As long as I am trying, I am succeeding here.

Okay, I could swear I had five goals, but only four come to mind now.  I guess this is further proof that my methods are good; if I remember any other goals later, I can always add them.  After all, it’s about learning and growing, something I should always be working on.

Happy Monday, and Happy 2015!


Friday Inspiration


I found a candle holder wandering through a market last week, and knew it had a place on my desk as a reminder to keep dreaming, keep setting goals, and keep working.

Happy Friday everyone!