From the Zoo to Waterloo

I know it is beginning to seem as though this trip will never end, and in some ways I felt that during my travels too, but we are almost done. I have written before about the Pairi Daiza zoo outside of Brussels, so I will keep that part of today short. I’m not good at favorites, but I have to say this zoo makes me so happy. There is just so much there, including of course, Pandas.


But this zoo is so big, we found more here that we hadn’t seen in our first trip.  Up a staircase near the Pandas we found a temple.


There were no animals up here, just a place that reflects the culture of the area from where these species originate.


All of this, just so you know more about Chinese cultural influence.  Outstanding. IMG_3374

We also saw an itty bitty baby elephant.  I think this was possibly the smallest elephant I have ever seen, trailing after Mama.  It’s  little hard to see in the picture, but it was still so adorable. After leaving the zoo, we had planned one more stop on the way home.  On our previous trip, we had been looking for a place to stop and eat, finding a McDonalds slightly down the road.  As we pulled off the exit ramp, I happened to notice a large lion on top of a hill.


It seemed pretty obvious that this was a monument of some sort, but we weren’t really sure what it was. After a moments thought, my husband realized where we were, and that we had happened upon the Waterloo Monument, commemorating the Battle of Waterloo.  We filed the monument away for when family came, and moved on with our lives. Fast forward to this trip, and we were heading up the hill, slightly dehydrated, exhausted, but determined to make it up the stairs.


The view from the top of the stairs might give you an idea how much that walk sucked.  I seriously considered rolling down the hill instead of taking the stairs again, but of course, I behaved myself.


The walk was rough, but the view was amazing.  If you look carefully in the distance, you can see them setting up for a re-enactment of the battle.  We were about five days too early for that, but of course if we had gone then, we wouldn’t have had this peaceful moment on the hill.